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Accessing the Interactive Embryo Viewer

The Interactive Embryo Viewer provides a means to explore the IMPC’s embryo image data.

See the figures below to see how you can access it.

Use the Embryo interactive images heatmap to find what genes have 2D and 3D visualizations and access the interactive Embryo Viewer. You can find the Embryo heatmap via the Embryo Development section or the Embryo Viewer section in the “Data” menu of the IMPC Homepage.
The Interactive Embryo Viewer for wildtype mice and homozygote mutants of gene Acvr2a.
The Interactive Embryo Viewer can also be accessed from the gene page, in this case the Acvr2a gene page, note the Embryo Imaging Data link.

Learn more:

Check out the IMPC embryo publication: High-throughput discovery of novel developmental phenotypes, Nature 2016