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I see more significant parameters in the All Measurements chart, than significant phenotypes in the Significant Phenotype table; why does this happen?

This situation is encountered when more than one parameter is annotated to the same phenotype.

For example, for gene Tmem63b. When you filter for the nervous system in the Measurements chart, 6 significant parameters are displayed.

Interestingly, if you click on the Significant Phenotypes table, then sort by system, you will see only 3 nervous system significant genotype-phenotype associations. This is due to 3 of these parameters having been collapsed to measure the same phenotype, “hyperactivity” (MP:0001399), and two collapsed to measure another phenotype, “abnormal behaviour” (MP:0004924), the third phenotype being “limb grasping” (MP:0001513).

If you click on the relevant phenotypes on the Significant Phenotype table to see the underlying data, you find the results for three parameters measuring hyperactivity, and for two parameters measuring abnormal behaviour.