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What phenotype data is recorded?

Both mutants and control (wildtype) mice are phenotyped following standardized procedures. A detailed description of the procedures and the parameters that are recorded can be found in IMPReSS.

For all experiments, the sex and the weight are documented, and used as covariates in the analyses.

The focus is on analysing homozygous mutant mice generated on an isogenic C57BL/6N background; when the homozygous results in a lethal phenotype, the heterozygotes are phenotyped.

The phenotyping pipeline is broad and attempts to reveal insights into human disease by measuring embryonic, neuromuscular, sensory, cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory, haematological and neurological parameters.

Significant phenotypic change between the knockout and control animals is annotated to a Mammalian Phenotype Ontology (MP) term. The link between a parameter being measure and the MP term is recorded in IMPReSS.