Having established itself as the global platform for exchange of information on functional phenogenomics following two successful meetings in Athens (2017) and Munich (2018), in 2019 the INFRAFRONTIER/IMPC conference was held in Helsinki, June 3rd-5th.

The conference was focused on 3 hugely important topics in the modern genetics research landscape. There are profound difficulties in determining the role of human genetic variation – much of the mammalian genome has very limited information on biological function in humans, mice or other species, the so called ‘dark genome’. The collection and analysis of genomic data needed to understand genetic variation falls under the category of big data science. The IMPC strives to continue to be a leader in mouse genetics data science, with an increasing emphasis on integration with human genome data and clinical genetics. With a rapidly aging society across the globe, our ever increasing knowledge of genetic variation will be key to understanding the ageing processes and diseases associated with ageing, as we seek to improve our quality of life.

the databases of the IMPC are a unique resource for casting light upon the `darkĀ“ areas of the mouse and human genome

Over 200 biomedical experts from over 24 countries worldwide met in Helsinki for the conference, where there was an opportunity to hear from both external scientists and leaders from within the IMPC on topics such as immunophenotyping, morphology and model organisms.

Our very own Steve Brown, director of MRC Harwell and chair of the IMPC opened session 2 of the conference and explained why the databases of the IMPC are a unique resource for casting light upon the `darkĀ“ areas of the mouse and human genome.

The conference was a very exciting event where scientific leaders from around the globe shared insights into cutting edge research involving animal models. We enjoyed seeing friends and colleagues in Helsinki, in what was another very successful INFRAFRONTIER/IMPC conference.

For more information, and to see the agenda, please click here.