Phenotyping process

IMPReSS (International Mouse Phenotyping Resource of Standardised Screens) contains standardised phenotyping protocols which are essential for the characterisation of mouse phenotypes.

IMPReSS contains definitions of the phenotyping Pipelines and mandatory and optional Procedures and Parameters carried out and data collected by international mouse clinics following the protocols defined. This allows data to be comparable and shareable and ontological annotations permit interspecies comparison which may help in the identification of phenotypic mouse-models of human diseases.

The Adult and Embryonic Phenotype Pipeline

The IMPC’s core pipeline describes the phenotype pipeline that has been agreed upon by the research institutions. The pipeline is actively developed by the IMPC phenotyping working groups which work closely with the data wranglers. Updates are available through IMPReSS.

Learn more about the IMPC phenotying processes at our Mouse Phenotyping Help pages

Read more in our paper on High-throughput mouse phenomics, Nature Reviews Genetics 2018

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