Parameters for Procedure: Y-maze IMPC_YMZ_001

Procedure carried out on Week 11

Version Type Req. Upload Req. Analysis Annotation Increment Option Ontology Options Derived Unit Data Type
Latency to leave start arm IMPC_YMZ_001_001 1.0 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         s FLOAT
Total arm entries IMPC_YMZ_002_001 1.0 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                                 INT
Number of triplets IMPC_YMZ_003_001 1.2 simpleParameter                                         IMPC_YMZ_002_001 2 -         INT
Number of spontaneous alternations IMPC_YMZ_004_001 1.1 simpleParameter Tick                                                 INT
Alternation ratio IMPC_YMZ_005_001 1.2 simpleParameter                 Tick                 IMPC_YMZ_004_001 IMPC_YMZ_002_001 2 - / 100 * % FLOAT
Number of alternate arm entries IMPC_YMZ_006_001 1.1 simpleParameter                                                         INT
Alternate arm entry ratio IMPC_YMZ_007_001 1.3 simpleParameter                                         IMPC_YMZ_006_001 IMPC_YMZ_002_001 2 - / 100 * % FLOAT
Number of same arm entries IMPC_YMZ_008_001 1.1 simpleParameter                                                         INT
Same arm entry ratio IMPC_YMZ_009_001 1.2 simpleParameter                                         IMPC_YMZ_008_001 IMPC_YMZ_002_001 2 - / 100 * % FLOAT
Feacal boli (count) IMPC_YMZ_010_001 1.0 simpleParameter                                                         INT
Acclimatisation time (minimum) IMPC_YMZ_011_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                         1560         min INT
Arm dimensions IMPC_YMZ_012_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 33.65 L x 6 W x 15 H         cm TEXT
Light level IMPC_YMZ_013_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                         5020         Lux INT
Test duration IMPC_YMZ_014_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 810         min INT
Placement in start arm IMPC_YMZ_015_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 Mid-armEnd of arm                 TEXT
Cleaning agent/disinfectant IMPC_YMZ_016_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                         70% Ethanol solution                 TEXT
Tracking method IMPC_YMZ_017_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 VideoNone                 TEXT
Scoring method IMPC_YMZ_018_001 1.1 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 ManualAutomated                 TEXT
Duration at centre prior to arm re-entry IMPC_YMZ_019_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                         1         s INT
Experimenter ID IMPC_YMZ_020_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                                                 TEXT
Maze ID IMPC_YMZ_021_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                         y-maze 1Arena 1Arena 2                 TEXT
Maze manufacturer IMPC_YMZ_022_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 The Jackson Laboratory                 TEXT
Maze model IMPC_YMZ_023_001 1.0 procedureMetadata                                 JAX_YM                 TEXT
Tracking equipment ID IMPC_YMZ_024_001 1.0 procedureMetadata                                 Y trackerEthovision                 TEXT
Tracking equipment manufacturer IMPC_YMZ_025_001 1.1 procedureMetadata         Tick                 AccuscanNoldus                 TEXT
Tracking equipment model IMPC_YMZ_026_001 1.0 procedureMetadata                                 Opto-Varimex 4                 TEXT
Date tracking equipment last calibrated IMPC_YMZ_027_001 1.0 procedureMetadata                                                         DATETIME
Software IMPC_YMZ_028_001 1.1 procedureMetadata         Tick                 Ethovision 13.0                 TEXT
Alternating start arm IMPC_YMZ_029_001 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick Tick                 YesNo         TEXT